It’s Just a Ride

Comedy’s Castro,

revolutionary in more ways than one.

Stood on the same stage as Hendrix,

cancer eating you from the inside out,

and you still found time to light a cigarette,

inhale deeply, and shout

about the hypocrisy

of living in the world’s greatest democracy.

You pondered the injustice of the failed

assassination attempt on Regan,

that politicians all are devils,

and Bush is Satan’s son.

It was god and guns and love and peace,

it was an Alabama uncle’s love for his niece.

You asked us to consider why

people who believe in creationism

look remarkably unevolved,

and what would Jesus think

of people who wore crosses.

You told the suck your own cock joke,

and suggested we hunt and kill Billy Ray Cyrus

(now, with the benefit of hindsight,

there would have been an unexpected bonus

that even you couldn’t have foreseen).

You told a joke about the LA riots,

In a room full of headers,

And got a laugh, even though we knew

Belfast ones were better.

You believed to the end that

pornography is good,

war is wrong,

and all drugs should be legal,

not compromising a single inch.

When three shots rang out

and you fell dead to the stage

nine hundred people didn’t flinch.


2 thoughts on “It’s Just a Ride

  1. That really made me smile! Bill was the one who pointed the way for me. Made me choose between fear and love and showed me how to think for myself. He made me realise that we really are all One. Most of all that it’s simple- you just have to open your mind, eyes, heart and mouth.

    He never flinched, even when disease struck him dumb far too young. He never compromised his integrity, even when he knew that his career would never go anywhere because people didn’t want to hear the ugly truth. Never sucked satan’s cock once, even though I’m sure they threw all kinds of money at him. He showed us that there aren’t dollar signs on everything. He played from his fucking heart! He was more Christian than any Christian I’ve ever heard of. He was more patriotic than any flag waving Washington slave driver that hijacked his country, because unlike them he knew what freedom and truth really meant. And it wasn’t the freedom to choose between love connection and American Gladiators. One of the greatest Americans who ever lived, yet virtually ignored in his own country because he could see that it had been stolen by thugs, warmongers and liars who wanted their free citizens to be slaves to money, greed and banality.

    But! It doesn’t matter! Because he showed us that it’s all just a Ride. And that we can change it any time we want. With just a simple choice. ..

    I love this poem, David. It’s a beautiful tribute to a truly great human being. We could sure use him now! And I especially love that dark reference to Miley Cyrus. Any Bill fan will chuckle at that one.


  2. Hi David! Thanks again for this poem. I think it’s amazing. I write a bit of poetry when I can. I love this poem and it inspired me to write one of my own. It really reminded me of how much we still need people like Bill and we could sure use a few more of them at the minute. Thanks for the inspiration and great memories! I was going to call it It’s Just A Ride, but then there’s already a poem far better than mine with that title!

    Our minds are woven, entangled, entwined.
    Not one among us need get left behind.
    All are intrinsic but make no mistake,
    Each must decide to stay sleeping or wake.

    Our love is quantum, the world is one heart.
    Beating through us though we may feel apart.
    Feeling it flowing without knowing how,
    Healing this moment cos’ Time’s always now.

    Love all you can in the instant you’re here,
    Don’t be afraid as there’s nothing to fear.
    None of us die for we all will abide,
    Life’s just a dream and it’s only a ride.

    You bought the ticket and strapped yourself in,
    Now and then you’ll feel goose bumps on your skin,
    Thinking it’s real as you dive and you rise,
    Fear’s an illusion so don’t close your eyes.

    Bright lights distract us from seeing the truth,
    Most wish they knew this while still in their youth.
    Realising just as it grinds to a halt,
    What they have missed and that it’s their own fault

    Don’t waste life counting the things that you lost,
    What does it matter if there is no cost?
    Some are sent back here to show us the way,
    Teaching us one rule we have to obey.

    The secret is there, so take it, it’s yours!
    There’s one love we share, it always endures.
    Though there is blindness we know there is sight,
    Even in darkness we still know there’s light.

    There’s no more ‘nothing’. There isn’t a void,
    Love, it just ‘is’ and it can’t be destroyed.
    What’s empty space but the crest of a wave?
    Pushing us on when we rest in our grave.

    I’ve been dead before. I’ll know death once more,
    Life is like water that touches the shore,
    Ebbing and flowing like tides of the sea,
    Infinite oceans of pure energy.


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